Ectaco Inc. and Hanvon Technology Co. Team Up to create and Implement the First Ever eBook Reader for the Educational Market

9. června 2011 v 8:06 | Alex Porp

Ectaco Inc., the world's leader in portable language learning and the manufacturer of the jetBook eBook Reader announced today that it has teamed up with Hanvon, a leading global eBook Reader manufacturer and character recognition technology provider to create the first ever eBook Reader oriented towards education and implementation into standard classroom usage for teachers and students worldwide. These two brand new Educational eBook Readers will be showcased at the 2011 Book Expo of America in New York.

The first educational device is the jetBook K-12 for the US market features one-of-a-kind interactive technology to aid students in honing their skills in all subjects. The jetBook K-12 has specific programs students need like Speaking Oxford English Dictionaries, Speaking Oxford English-Spanish (or one of the soon available 38 languages) Dictionaries, the most comprehensive electronic SAT preparation course with endless lessons, Speed Reading courses to aid students in learning to read faster, English-Spanish (or one of 12 available language pairs) Text Translation System that can translate any text in full, English, Spanish and other language grammar courses, Interactive Phonetic Language Teacher® program to teach virtually any language step by step, Linguistic crosswords, Graphing, Scientific and Accounting Calculators, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science reference books, interactive course of US History and Facts, interactive Periodic Table of Elements, Text and Voice Note storage, Audiobooks Player and much more.

The second educational eBook Reader, named jetBook Color, will be implemented to schools across the US, China and Eastern Europe for the 2011-2012 school year. It will utilize the newest 9.8 inch Color E-Ink screen with an easy to use interface directed toward students and teachers. It will feature most of the programs from the jetBook K-12 with extra components based on each regions educational system.

"The ability for students to keep all their information for school on one lightweight portable console is something all of us have dreamed of," says David Lubinitsky, Ectaco CEO, "The US, China and Eastern European countries will be the first to implement this test project. Our partnership with Hanvon has made a great idea into reality and we will see it come to fruition with the years to come."

Ectaco Inc. has over 20 years of experience in developing electronic dictionaries, speech to speech translators, and language learning devices for the consumer market as well as the Army and other government agencies in the United States. Hanvon Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and is a high-tech enterprise that is dedicated to the development and production of intelligent products, technologies and services in the field of man-computer interaction. In this project, Hanvon will provide hardware support, while Ectaco will create the exclusive educational software for the device. Together, Ectaco and Hanvon hope to provide every school system in the world with the portable power of their educational eBook Readers.

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